Perfectly Pressed Dry Cleaner 

and Tailor

About us!

We are a 100% organic dry cleaner, doing our part to become more sustainable for the future by limiting our carbon footprint as a local business.  We recycle hangers and limit our plastic use whenever possible. In addition, we do all your dry  cleaning at our plant in Chester - that means we can control the quality of service and prevent items from being lost.  Everything is cleaned and pressed by our fantastic, detail-oriented staff. 

Perfectly Pressed Dry Cleaner and Tailor is a family-owned business with 2 locations in New Jersey. We have an amazing customer base and appreciate the many referrals we have received from loyal patrons.  

 Hope to see you at one of our shops soon. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the amazing years we have had so far! Hoping for many more to come.

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